5 Ways Music Can Improve Your Day

You’re probably listening to music while reading this post right now. Whether you’re at work or just researching for some creative ideas, here are ways playing your favorite music improves your day.

  1. Music alleviates anxiety

Close your eyes. Imagine your favorite song playing (Bohemian Rhapsody). Inhale. Exhale. Did it work?

Have you ever felt so relaxed listening to that one breathtaking song. This is why research shows that people who listen to music have a lower level of stress hormone cortisol. Just the idea that music can help alleviate your anxiety is not surprising since the right music for you can “soothe the soul”.

  1. Music simply improves your mood and behavior

Music not just calms people down, it also ultimately contributes to a greater quality of life. A bad mood can affect your whole day up to the whole week. This also means that your mood highly affects the people around you. A small introduction of your favorite song that makes you happy, or brings back a happy memory may be all you need to get you through a rough day.



  1. Music gives you enjoyment

Do you wonder why we experience goosebumps when we listen to a great song or musical score? Apparently, your brain releases dopamine when listening to music. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps control your brain’s pleasure center and also regulates emotional responses. It allows us to look past rewards and really work toward achieving them.

  1. Music balances emotions

Music brings a lot of emotions. When we feel down, we normally look for pleasant memories or we distract ourselves with activities to alleviate our negative emotions. But when we listen to music, it all seems that what we are looking for is to match our current feelings. Who would have thought that listening to sad love songs could make us really happy?



  1. Music improves productivity

Music alleviates anxiety, improves your mood and behavior and gives you enjoyment. It also balances your emotion! When you’re happy, stress-free and healthy (inside-out) and when you make people around feel great, positive and wonderful, creative ideas and solutions come to you much easier.

When you wrap up all this views together, you will suddenly notice your work day is less of a hassle like a breeze of fresh air all around you.

Now plug those earphones in and listen to some good songs you haven’t heard yet, go change the world! I highly recommend Queen and Panic At The Disco. It is what I’m listening right now and I just can’t stop.